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Updated: Apr 16

Some idea's on what to do with during "lockdown".

Cosmic Kids Yoga - Making yoga and mindfulness FUN for kids since 2012! Here is the link.

Goodnight with Dolly - From April 2, Dolly Parton will be reading a series of Imagination Library books all carefully chosen for their appropriate content at this moment in time. Here is the link.

Family Lockdown ideas - here is the link - This group has been set up to provide support, tips and ideas if you are at home with your family in light of the Coronavirus. Being at home with children can be challenging at the best of times and so extra help, support and planning can make this uncertain time hopefully a bit easier!

Family Lockdown tips and Ideas - here is the link - another site set up (it says UK, but open to anyone) my mum has found great ideas to send to the grandchildren and keep then entertained and still stimulated.

Lockdown Rainbows - Spreading positivity through this tough time!! Rainbows are happy positive things that will bring a smile on the darkest days.. The idea is that you can take your children or older people out (safely and within safe distance) so they can play eye spy and count as many rainbows as possible. Here is the group link.

Save with Stories - Jennifer Garner and Amy Adams have set up a charity with Save the Children (link to donate) called Save with Stories. Celebraties are donating their time to read children books and here is the Instagram link - again available on demand (as I type this, there are currently over 40 video's - which I think is fantastic).

Lego - 30 day lego challenge. To help keep the family entertained, a 30 day calendar of different things to build from lego has been created. In this link there are other 30 day challenges in case this goes beyond 30 days (or to use in the summer holidays)

The Great indoors (Scouts) - the scouts have pulled together some inspired indoor activity ideas (if they do say so ). To help support and keep your kids learning new skills and having fun here is the link to the The Great Indoors

Science & Nature - weekdays at 11am, Maddie & Greg on You tube chat all things science for children, also available on playback/on demand. Video's are 30 mins. fantastic. enjoy. Here is the link

Dance with Oti - she is doing live dance at 11:30am each week day on Youtube but the classes are available to view at anytime. Here is the link. The video's range from 30-45 mins.

Great Indoors with Scout activities - "as the experts in developing skills and bringing adventure to young people, Scouts wanted to do what they could to help" Here is the link.

Science Kitchen - where they do weekly DIY science experiments sourcing materials & ingredients from in and around your home! In this episode we show the importance of washing your hands during the CoronaVirus Outbreak and the science behind it! here is the link.

Explained with Lego Bricks - is a You Tube site, set up by Lego whereby they have 10 video's explaining 'science's children using lego. Quick 10 min video's, topics such as How do planes fly or How do genetics work? Click here.


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