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Updated: May 2

Listing out some suggested hobbies that have been given to me by friends... when you are fed up with a box set and need an alternative distraction.

Dance like a Radio City Rockette - The Radio City Rockettes will offer live dance classes on Instagram every week starting April 2nd at 12pm EST / 5pm BST. Here is the link.

Learn a new language - (or brush on that language from school). There is a great app called Duolingo that is free, so what are you waiting for! Get crackin'. Whilst the kids are learning, so can you :-)

Learn a new skill - sewing, knitting, arm knitting (I tried this once and I wasn't that successful) and cross stitch - I know someone who really enjoys this on a day to day basis, she can often be found on her commute to work in Singapore dropping a stitch or two ;-). Of course you will need to order supplies online - however we are in this for a while yet people, so why not start now?

Lego - not everyone will want to do this, or will want to spend the money. However, if you have an interest to do this solo or as a couple or with the kids, its a great time to be a #legogeek . I have ordered myself the Central Park lego set, my excuse being I live in New York and this feels very NYC.

Jigsaw puzzles - I thought about ordering a jigsaw puzzle however once you have done once, you need ned to order another. I found an app that is free called Jigsaw HD. Here is a link to their Intragram page - so you can find the app. Enjoy. Kids will enjoy it too.

Organise your wardrobe/Closet - is now a chance to sort out clothes - a la Marie Kondo! Maybe even watch her show on netflix (after Tiger King of course).

Research family tree - ever wondered where you came from, and if you can find out more about your family. Now could be the time to start... a site recommended to me was Ancestory

Music lessons - imusic school has a catalogue of videos online for free to help you learn playing a new musical instrument. Click here for details.

Masterclasses - are offering Buy One Annual Membership, Share One Free. Such as Steve Martin teaching comedy, Christina Aguilera teaching singing and Timbaland teaching producing. Here is the link.

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