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Updated: Apr 16

We need to try and keep some kind of normality right and have fun! There is so much out there right now and too many to is a couple of begin with.

Cards / Black Humanity - Ever played Cards against Humanity? Well...Back Humanity is finally available in the App Store! Only available from App store (not android) - you can play online and invite friends to play virtually with you - what better way to have a "virtual house party" over a glass of something and totally inappropriate? Here is the link. It is $0.99 per week and you need at least 3 players.

Cards against Humanity FAMILY EDITION - Good news, there is a family edition. Here is the link. Currently only available to print and cut out, because CAH have released it early due to COVID19. HURRAH. Here is the link.

Brewdog - will deliver Beer to your home! Go-one, place your order (slight delay in delivery times, but support them and get your favourite beers delivered). USA, UK and other locations - here is the website.

D-Nice - has started to do Instragram live DJ sets from his kitchen. They have been starting at 3pm PST, 6pm EST (currently 10pm GMT soon to be 11pm) and 6am HKT, 9am Sydney. His most recent set ended up being 9hrs and had 100k people join. His next one is today (Wednesday March 25th) - enjoy having a dance around your living room! Here is a link to his Instagram page

The Crooner Sessions - Gary Barlow is hosting session with various artists. Link here to his instagram page

House party - if you haven't heard of this app already, get downloading! You can connect with your friends and family but at the same time play games, such as "heads up" and "quick draw" and you can use the trivia section to host quiz together.

TaskMaster - good family fun. Taskmaster's Little Alex Horne is setting tasks for people to do in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic and people have not disappointed with their creativity. Here is a link to the youtube page. And here is a link to their twitter page.

DJPaulyD - hosting a live DJ session on Friday April 3 (hopefully he will host others). Time 5:30pm EST. Here is his instagram page.

Wine Tasting - Rombauer Vineyards have started to do a virtual wine tasting via facebook. Here is a link to the Rombauer page with the details. Also, click here for their facebook page. A fantastic idea - enjoy!

Bingo - I found this website that you can get bingo cards for free. You then need a bingo caller - you have options (I paid $10 for 100 cards from this site and it gives you a) use of their bingo number caller and b) you are able to look at the other players cards to ensure no cheating. We played this as a family of 8 via video last weekend with my niece and nephew (ages 7 and 9) and it was a great pass time! Click here.

If you don't want to pay $10, you can search for a free bingo caller online -just make sure it matches your card e.g are you playing 1-75 or 1-90 cards. Enjoy!

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