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Updated: Mar 25

The idea behind this section is to not forget about US as individuals. This is not going to be easy and we need to help each other but also help ourselves.

Health and Well-Being: below I have listed out suggested apps that people can use to support their mental health and wellbeing. There are soooo many available and I won't list them all, but I will list out some, in no particular order. Most offer free trials for you to sign up to, which is great:

  • Insight Timer

  • Breathe

  • Aura

  • Omvana

  • Calm

  • Mindfulness app

I was once given some advice on a simple breathing/mindfulness technique that I thought I would share. For many people who are now working from home, it is important to take some timeout for yourselves.

Equally for people who now find they have alot of time on their hands at the moment.

STOP technique

  1. Stop close your eyes or look at one place on the wall

  2. Take a breath (or several) feel your body breathing. Chest rising and falling.

  3. Observe how it feels to breath - chest rising and falling. Any tension, feelings, tightness. Don't judge it, just notice it.

  4. Proceed with your day.

Speak with your friends and Family - Cannot stress how important this is right now. there is zoom, and other apps available. But also FaceTime offers the functionality to do multi user FaceTime and we have been doing this as a family. Message your friends, call them - let them know you are thinking of them.

Limit your news intake - there is TOO much news and it just isn't healthy relating to COVID19. Watching it for hours a day will not help you and things really are not developing that quickly. Decide when you will watch the news to get your updates at that point. It really will help.

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